Computer Science homework help

  1. Phase 1 of Final Project: Develop a comprehensive analysis that identifies threats and vulnerabilities to the information systems infrastructure and organizational data.
  2. You may use a fictitious company, one that you researched on the Internet, or your own workplace (although you should use an alias for the company name).
  3. Conduct Internet research for formats that are used for a threat analysis.
    1. Include a short executive summary for this assignment, although you will need to revise this summary for the final paper.
    2. The threat analysis should be approximately 4 to 5 pages in length, in APA format, and double-spaced for the narrative.
    3. You may use tables or other graphic representations.
    4. The paper should include references to any material used in preparing the paper. References are to be cited within your paper as well as on the Reference page using APA format.
    5. You should use online resources to develop your plans; just make sure to cite these sources. All written work should be your own. Computer Science homework help


Security Incidents

Security incidents are events that might indicate that a company’s data or systems have been compromised or various measures that were implemented to protect the systems and data have failed. Some of the current security incidents include privilege escalation attacks, phishing attacks, insider threats, and unauthorized attempts to access data or systems. Other security incidents consist of advanced persistent threats, web application attacks, denial of service attacks, and malware attacks. Most of the vulnerabilities that cause such incidents can be attributed to attack vectors that enable cybercriminals to exploit data or systems. Hackers are able to gain access to a network server or computer through attack vectors in order to deliver a negative outcome (Nestler et al., 2010). Some of those attack vectors include viruses and deception. Insider threats are security incidents that are commonly attributed to current or former employees and third parties like customers, temporary workers, and contractors.

One of the biggest security incidents that have been experienced today in many organizations is phishing attacks. This security incident presented various short and long-term effects on the organization, which greatly affected its operations and production. Some of the short-term effects of phishing attacks include loss of data, financial penalties, and intellectual property theft (Summer, & Yuan, 2019). The organization also faced long-term effects like loss of company value, loss of customers,   loss of productivity, and damaged reputation. The organization suffered reputation loss due to data breaches that were executed through phishing attacks. Many customers lost trust in the firm besides the attack exerting a negative effect on the company’s brand.

Some of the ways of mitigating phishing attacks include:

  • Having a data security platform to spot signs of an attack
  • Installing firewalls
  • Changing passwords regularly
  • Getting free anti-phishing add-ons

Those security policies can be implemented by updating the corporate security policy educating and monitoring employees. This will ensure that employees do what is right to safeguard the organization’s data and systems and avoid sharing any sensitive data with outsiders. Computer Science homework help


Nestler, V., White, G., Conklin, A. Wm., Hirsch, M., & Schou, C. (2010). Principles of Computer Security.

Sumner, A., & Yuan, X. (2019, April). Mitigating phishing attacks: an overview. In Proceedings of the 2019 ACM Southeast Conference (pp. 72-77).

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