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Math 115 (Precalculus) Final Exam
1. Some values for the variables x and y are presented in the table below. If x and y are in a linear
relationship, what is the value of y when x = 9?
x 1 3 9 12
y 15 11 7
(a) y = 0 (b) y = 7
(c) y = 1 (d) y = 1
(e) y = 4
2. When we talk about a quantity associated with an object or a process, what are we talking about?
(a) Some part of the object or process
(b) Some attribute of the object or process that can be measured
(c) The number of objects present or the number of times the process is repeated
(d) The particular type of object or process being considered
(e) The broadest context in which the object or process makes sense
3. Suppose a box a crackers is sitting on the kitchen table. Which of the following would be a quantity
associated with the box of crackers? Computer Science homework help


(a) The salt on the crackers
(b) The weight in ounces of the box
(c) Ten boxes of crackers
(d) The cardboard in the box
(e) The kitchen in which the table sits that supports the box
4. The slope of the line 3x 4y + 8 = 0 is
(a) m = 4 (b) m = 3
(c) m = 3=4 (d) m = 4=3
(e) m = 8
5. Suppose the radian measure for an angle is = 6=5. What is the degree measure for this angle?
(a) a = 150
(b) a = 216
(c) a = 36
(d) a = 150
(e) a = 216

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