Comparative Criminal Justice Essay Sample

Comparative Criminal Justice Essay Sample

Comparative Criminal Justice

Part 1

Question 1

The difference between comparative criminal justice and international criminal justice

Comparative criminal justice mainly emphasizes on various methods political parties strive to uphold order in the society. There exists a considerable difference between international criminal justice and comparative criminal justice. For instance, international criminal justice emphasizes on the prosecution of the planners and organizers of deadly war crimes and human rights violations. Comparative criminal justice, on the other hand, highlights the similarities and differences in structure, mission, and history of different systems in the world.Comparative Criminal Justice Essay Sample

Question 2

Importance of comparing criminal justice issues and systems.

Comparison enables countries to benefit from the experiences of others. For instance, the nations can learn through the successes and failures of other countries through which they can come up with better laws to govern their citizens. Additionally, the countries involved can adopt some of the applicable codes from different cultures for the better good of their people (Dammer & Albanese, 2014).

Question 3

Globalization and its effects on crime and criminal justice

The growing relationship of the globe’s economies, way of life, and populations as a result of international trade, can be termed as globalization. Globalization has both positive and negative impacts on crime (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2010). For instance, there is an increase in crimes such as cybercrimes as a result of globalization. Criminals take advantage of improved technology to indulge in sophisticated crimes. Globalization has also contributed to the invention of sophisticated weapons used to curb serious crimes such as terrorism. Globalization has impacted positively on the criminal justice system as new methods of resolving different crimes have been realized, thus reducing the number of pending cases in courts.Comparative Criminal Justice Essay Sample


Question 4

How countries have adopted methods from other countries to change how they practice criminal justice.

Different countries learn through the failures and successes of other democracies. For example, they adopt laws that they believe are good for their people and avoid those which could impact negatively on their people. Additionally, they seek legal guidance from experts from successful democracies.

Question 5

The purpose of the historical-political approach

This approach is very vital when it comes to an understanding of the meaning of political ideas and events and especially from theories.


Part 2

Question 1

Organized crime is carried out by a group of persons who engage in criminal activities for their benefits. Those who take part in these crimes could be financially or politicallymotivated.Organized crimes include money laundering and human trafficking. ( Comparative Criminal Justice Essay Sample

Question 2

Organized crimes are closely related to the topic of this week as they are resolved by criminal justice system. Those found guilty are sentenced by judges who are members of the criminal justice system.

Question 3

I think bringing criminals to justice is the most efficient and just manifestation of the system. This is because it brings criminals out of circulation, thus making the world a better place to live in.


Dammer, H. R., & Albanese, J. S. (2014). Comparative Criminal Justice Systems. comparative criminal justice systems, 1-35.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. (2010). The Globalization of Crime. United Natons Office on Drugs and Crime, 1-314.

Comparative Criminal Justice Essay Sample

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