Communication and Clinical Interview – Nursing

Communication and Clinical Interview – Nursing

Communication is the movement of information from one person to another person through an appropriate channel. Good communication is very critical in the nursing profession. It is necessary for nurses to develop healthy relationships with their patients. Nurses should always strive to prevent distractions from interfering with the communication process. Professional nurses should be ethical when interviewing their patients. For instance, they should not get into the personal affairs of their clients. In addition, they should not reveal their transactions with their clients to anybody.Communication and Clinical Interview – Nursing

Therapeutic Groups

A group is a union of people who come together with the purpose of acting on their shared objectives. On the other hand, group work is a task that brings several people together with the purpose of pooling their resources, knowledge and abilities. Each group must have an objective. In addition, the members must share a common problem. Groups must also have leaders to direct their activities. It is important for nurses and other medical officers to work in groups because teamwork helps consolidate knowledge and abilities from different experts to help deal with emergency cases and other serious illnesses.

Family Interventions

Families are groups that consist of people who share an origin. Many family members believe in the unity of their members. However, the modern society values individualism more than socialism.Communication and Clinical Interview – Nursing


Final Draft

It is very important for nurses to develop good relationships with their patients. A therapeutic relationship is usually a situation where the relationship between the patient and the nurse aims at achieving a set objective. The communication process requires a sender, a channel, a receiver and a message. Feedback is also necessary as it helps determine the accuracy of the information sent. The communication process entails both verbal and non-verbal aspects. The verbal elements include the real content of the message while the non-verbal elements entail the appearance and behavior of the speaker. It is also important for nurses to minimize the rate at which distractions interfere with the nurse-patient communication. They can carry out this action through eliminating noise in the surroundings, using appropriate languages, understanding the cultures of their patients and having enough knowledge of the topic. During the interviews, nurses should try to behave professionally. They should respect their patients’ privacy by avoiding personal questions. They should also avoid mentioning sensitive issues. They can only fulfill these expectations by preparing for the interviews in advance.

Therapeutic Groups

It is always good for nurses to work in groups. The benefits of working in groups include the ability to assist many clients within a short period, the ability to share knowledge between head nurses and the junior staffs, the provision of a good environment for socialization, and making the nurses feel comfortable and loved by their peers. Nevertheless, working in groups also has its demerits. They include the lack of confidentiality and time for the participation of all the members. Often, the problems of some patients may be more serious than what the other patients experience. Hence, working with all of them in the same group may be difficult. Groups can perform therapeutic roles through encouraging and modeling their members. Each group needs to have leaders whose roles include planning the undertakings of the group, providing leadership and supervising the activities of the group.Communication and Clinical Interview – Nursing

Family Interventions

The relationship between family members should benefit everyone in the family. The family has several functions in each member’s life. They include the provision of affective and physical security, the provision of important resources, support in handling issues such as addiction, and attending to the developmental needs of all members. Communication and Clinical Interview – Nursing

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