Choose an environmental organization


When you believe strongly in an idea, viewpoint, or policy, you might think about joining an organized group to help further your interest, your knowledge, or your ability to influence policy. In this discussion, you and your classmates are going to explore environmental organizations (local, national, or international) and consider why you might join a particular organization.
You should spend approximately 2 hours on this assignment.


  1. Choose an environmental organization, and prepare a short PowerPoint (3–4 slides) about that organization to share with your classmates. Explain why this is the organization for you. Be sure to present the mission of the organization, the reach of the organization (national or local), your cost to participate, why the mission of the organization is important to you, and whether you feel prompted to join this group.
  2. Please, no repeats in organizations. You may reserve your organization by putting the name of the organization in the title of a post. Post an initial post claiming your chosen organization. Then, follow that up with your PowerPoint. Your PowerPoint should be posted by 04/29 to allow time for interaction.
  3. Reply to at least two of your classmates. Ask questions, agree or disagree on the mission and goals of the organization, and explain why you do or do not agree with your classmate’s choice. Remember to respect everyone’s viewpoint.
  4. Response posts need to be at least 50 words and provided on at least two separate days. Remember, this is a conversation, and it is up to you to keep the conversation going.
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