Certified Health IT Product List Website Essay

Certified Health IT Product List Website Essay

Certified Health IT Product List website is very important for a healthcare informatics professional who is considering the purchase of an EHR for an ambulatory practice. This website defines every product that is available on the market, which has been certified by various bodies. This way, one is able to know the product which is appropriate for use and where it can be obtained. According to Andrews and Dark (75), major components of the information systems include computer software and hardware, databases, data warehouses, procedures, and human resources. When one is planning to purchase any equipment, he must ensure the compatibility of these components to achieve efficiency in operations. The information provided on this website may be helpful in this area.Certified Health IT Product List Website Essay

The researcher reviewed three ambulatory products from this website, which include Connect Build-Your-EMR, 2013 Systemedx Clinical Navigator, and 24/7 Smart-EMR. This website has defined these products in a way that makes it easy to identify the benefits and challenges they may bring when used in healthcare facilities. Issues such as data security, speed of data processing, and retrieval are very critical (Cohen and Hanft 90). In cases where necessary, the website explains the impending healthcare information requirement about the product.

When planning to purchase HER, one may need to know about the medical record systems that support new regulations. This information is available on this website. One may also have a better knowledge about opportunities and solutions offered by a given tool such as storage capacity, user-friendliness, among other factors. This clearly demonstrates that CPHL provides information than just the certification details about HER products available on the market. It goes beyond this, as was witnessed when reviewing the three products available on the market. An individual is able to gather as many facts about the product as it may be necessary to determine its appropriateness. Some people are always sensitive about the product brand, while others are interested in the certification date (Westbrook 39). All these facts are available on this website to enable a buyer to make an informed choice.


Additional Resources That Informatics Professional Can Use

The information provided in the CPHL website can be trusted because this is a government body that cannot try to favor any firm. However, it may be necessary to use additional websites to shed more light on a product that one is planning to purchase. After reviewing the certifications given in the CPHL website, it is recommended that one should go to the website of the individual companies to get further clarification about the products. A buyer may determine further certifications of the products from these websites. They may also learn more about the products and their applications. Other government regulatory bodies may also be of help in case they certify a given product (Mantas and Hasman 88). Consumer Product Safety Commission website may provide information about the safety of the product before one makes the purchase (Wilson and McEvoy 115). Occupational Safety and Health Administration website can be useful in helping to determine if these products are safe for use in a healthcare facility. Environmental Protection Agency’s website may be relied on to identify the products that pose serious threats to the environment once their lifecycles are complete (Tyrrell 62). Such products may be avoided for the sake of protecting the environment.Certified Health IT Product List Website Essay

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