Business Communication Trends Essay

Business Communication Trends Essay

As an employee in a DVD rental store I do have direct contact with the clients and the administration of the store. I do communicate frequently with the clients both potential and existing clients as well as the administrators of the store. Hence, business communication forms the main supportive role in success of my work and services which are offered by the business.Business Communication Trends Essay

Business communication plays a major role in day-to-day activities of the work which I do. Implementation of effective communication channels in the stores has made activities to be done effectively. For example the administrators of the store use the communications channels established to provide guidance on how we can be able to meet the ultimate goal or objective of the organization. While effective communication with clients enables them express their needs which are met while as employees of the store we are able to provide all necessary information and respond to clientele queries in time which enables them make informed decisions.Business Communication Trends Essay


Due to advancement of technology on business communication, the roles and communication channels used have changed drastically over a very short period. Technological advancement has made communication much easy by automating some processes, reduced turnaround time of what is being communicated hence immediate feedback and has reduced cost incurred to communicate drastically (Mitchell Et al. 2004).

Successful adoption of use of internet and mobile phones as preferred communication devices has revolutionised communication treads by making it easily accessible at relatively cheaper cost with immediate response (Kaur, 2009). For example, a client would visit the website of the DVD store and get most of the information from the website as frequently asked questions or any other information they need to enable them make informed decisions. Use of website has relieved me when I am on duty as the clients will not need to call me always for inquiry. Use of technology has changed form of communication which is currently mostly in electronic format.Business Communication Trends Essay

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