Bullying in Nursing Essay Assignment Paper

Bullying in Nursing Essay Assignment Paper
In essay format address the following:
1. Define the professional issue bullying in nursing.
· 100 words
· don’t just define bullying in general – make the link to nursing
1. Discuss the significance bullying in nursing to nursing.
· 500 words
· How does the issue impact on nursing?
· Why is it a professional issue?
· What is the impact on nurses (individually) and the nursing profession?
2. Discuss how your chosen professional issue impacts on patient safety.
· 500 words
· This should follow on from your discussion above – if the issue impacts on nurses then there must be a flow on effect to patients. Bullying in Nursing Essay Assignment Paper
· Look at the key words here – “patient safety” – make sure you are discussing this and not just patient care in general – you could define what is meant by patient safety to focus your discussion
· What are the consequences of these adverse events to patients?
3. Discuss the strategies that can be utilised to minimise the impact of your chosen professional issue on nursing practice and patient safety. Bullying in Nursing Essay Assignment Paper
· 300 words
· You need to include at least TWO strategies in this section or you will fail this section
· It is a good idea to number these and discuss separately – that way you can ensure that you have identified the correct number and provided sufficient detail for each. Bullying in Nursing Essay Assignment Paper
· There are 2 elements here that you are being asked to consider – so make sure you use this explicit language – nursing practice and patient safety – i.e.: if we use training how will this minimise the impact of bulling on nursing practice and patient safety. Bullying in Nursing Essay Assignment Paper

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