BU490.2.1 Business Ethics Online Exam 8_07

BU490.2.1 Business Ethics Online Exam 8_07. Part 1 of 1 –

Question 1 of 20
The traditional model of the business organization, also called the ________ model, is defined it as a structure of formal relationships, which are designed to achieve a goal efficiently.

A. political

B. structured

C. rational

D. hierarchical

Question 2 of 20
Risks are sometimes unavoidable and acceptable, as long as:

A. employees are not coerced.

B. employees are fully compensated for assuming them and they do so freely and knowingly.

C. no one else has the expertise to do the work.

D. all of the above

Question 3 of 20
The characteristics of a(n) _______ model of the organization would be focused on persons, not on profit not “quality,” or any other kinds of ideas that much of today’s “car-talk” seems to revolve around.

A. political

B. caring

C. empowered

D. worker centric

Question 4 of 20
In this view, the employee’s main moral duty is to work toward the goals of the firm. This view is referred to as:

A. Law of Legitimacy

B. Law of Structure

C. Law of Agency

D. Law of Duty

Question 5 of 20
The traditional, “rational” model of the business organization is best defined as what?

A. a commercial enterprise based on the Kantean mathematical model

B. a structure of formal relationships, which are designed to achieve a goal efficiently

C. a business that makes decisions based purely on finances, regardless of ethical concerns

D. a business following Plato’s philosophy of rational numbers

Question 6 of 20
Which of the following is a likely positive effect of insider trading?

A. There is better employee retention.

B. The company does not need to hire stockbrokers.

C. Company secrets are less likely to be leaked.

D. Stock prices better reflect their true value.

Question 7 of 20
Which is NOT a consideration for determining a fair wage?

A. risks involved with the work

B. age of the employee

C. skills needed for the work

D. local living costs

Question 8 of 20
The characteristics of a(n) ________ model of the organization would be focused entirely on persons, not on profit not “quality,” or any other kinds of ideas that much of today’s “car-talk” seems to revolve around.

A. employee

B. empowerment

C. socially responsible

D. caring

Question 9 of 20
A firm’s organizational chart serves what function?

A. It illustrates the idealized hierarchy of authority, reporting, and responsibility.

B. It exemplifies the fundamental reality of the organization.

C. It demonstrates the informal groupings and alliances within an organization.

D. It gives the layout and location of employees and managers within a building.

Question 10 of 20
Raymond Miles distinguishes three models of sets of assumptions that managers can make about employees. In the _______ model, employees want to belong and feel recognized, useful, and important; meeting these needs is more important than what they earn.

A. Empowerment

B. Human relations

C. Human resources

D. Traditional

Question 11 of 20
The worker’s right to organize into a union is derived from the right:

A. for all employees to have fair representation.

B. for all employees to have steps of appeal during the grievance process.

C. of all people to gather regarding a shared purpose.

D. of all people to be treated as free and equal persons.

Question 12 of 20
A(n) ________ would exist if an employee has no actual conflict of interest but other people might view the situation and wrongly believe that there is an actual conflict of interest.

A. apparent conflict of interest

B. potential conflict of interest

C. perceived conflict of interest

D. subjective conflict of interest

Question 13 of 20
A political organization differs from a rational organization in what way?

A. There is a designed hierarchical organization.

B. Alliances and coalitions form irrespective of organizational hierarchies.

C. Salary is distributed equally between all levels of the organization.

D. There is no difference.

Question 14 of 20
Demanding a personal gift for awarding a contract to an outside firm is likely an example of what?

A. subjective conflict of interest

B. objective conflict of interest

C. commercial bribe

D. commercial extortion

Question 15 of 20
Which organizational layer can be said to generate material goods and direct outputs of the firm?

A. operating layer

B. middle management

C. top management

D. none of the above

Question 16 of 20
What is “whistle blowing?”

A. the attempt by an employee to disclose wrongdoing in an organization

B. sexual harassment

C. the legal requirement to audibly indicate the end of the normal work day

D. employees wasting company time

Question 17 of 20
Which of the following is the primary ethical argument against insider trading?

A. Insiders have an unfair advantage over other traders.

B. It directly harms the company.

C. It is based on stolen information.

D. It is illegal.

Question 18 of 20
Which is NOT a necessary consideration when deciding if accepting a gift from another business is ethical?

A. the value of the gift

B. the utility of the gift to you

C. the secrecy or of the gift

D. the occasion for the gift

Question 19 of 20
A firm’s main moral duty to its employees is to provide them with:

A. a clean working environment.

B. friendly supervisors.

C. medical and dental insurance.

D. fair wage and fair working conditions.

Question 20 of 20
In the traditional, “rational” model of the business, the employee’s main moral duty is to:

A. maximize the firm’s profits.

B. work toward the goals of the firm.

C. use the firm’s resources for the good of the firm.

D. accept only specific benefits in return for their services.

BU490.2.1 Business Ethics Online Exam 8_07

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