Black Identity Example Essay

Black Identity Example Essay

The issue of black segregation and incarceration in that matter has long been experienced in the course of their lives. In this assignment, the main focus is on providing a deeper reflection on the origins of this social disorder and the possible methodologies which could be used to curb the situation as a whole.Black Identity Example Essay

In this assignment, it is clear that the Black community is engaged in such illegal activities as drug abuse, as well as theft and burglary, which subjected them to jail terms. Within these gangs, black youth were violent, since they embarked on killing sprees in effort to eliminate competition for drug marketing niches.

In addition to this, the Black fraternity was metaphorically represented, especially due to their inabilities as well as lack of skills through which they were not placed at a level ground to secure employment. This made them seek for other ways to secure basic needs. Violence was included in this effort to secure basic needs.Black Identity Example Essay


With the formation of gangs, security personnel perceived it to be a threat to national security. As a result, most of the Black youth ended up in jail. However, it is crucial to note that some of them pursued education through which they secured formal employment. In that position, they were able to put up quality homes as well as legal businesses. It is upon this basis that makes it safe to assume that not all of the youth ended up in jail and wasted their lives. Thus, it is insensitive to generalize the black people as lazy and dishonest. Most of them are living a decent and honest life in that matter.Black Identity Example Essay

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