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Antibiotic Sensitivity Lab – 1 Page

A. Write a lab report about the Antibiotic Sensitivity−Kirby-Bauer Diffusion Test experiment in which you do the following:

1. Explain why selective toxicity is an important feature of antibiotics.

a. Discuss the relative benefits of broad-spectrum and narrow-spectrum antibiotics.

Note: The explanation from part A1 and discussion from part A1a belong in the introduction section of the lab report.

2. Describe the steps you followed to complete the Kirby-Bauer diffusion test. Biology homework help

Note: Include any changes from the normal protocol that might have been incorporated into your experiment.

Note: The description from part A2 belongs in the materials and methods section of the lab report.


3. Record the observed results of the Kirby-Bauer diffusion test, including the zone of inhibition measurement and interpretation (e.g., resistant, intermediate, susceptible) for each antibiotic using the attached “Data Table.”

Note: The explanation from part A3 belongs in the results section of the lab report.

4. Based on your recorded results from the Kirby-Bauer diffusion test, explain whether each of the following antibiotics would be a reasonable choice for treating S. epidermidis:

• penicillin

• novobiocin

• gentamicin

Note: The explanation from part A4 belongs in the discussion section of the lab report.

Antibiotic Lab website–diffusion_test.pdf Biology homework help



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