Between Heaven and Hell Assignment

Between Heaven and Hell Assignment

JF Kennedy believed in Jesus Christ, his perfection and divinity. He also believed that men become God but God does not become a man. He also believed in new Christianity which individuals can believe in without abandoning their logical morality. Besides, Kennedy believed in the goodness of man. Aldous Huxley believed in mystical Christianity and was of the view that Jesus did not claim divinity but the writers who came after him imposed those words upon him (Kreeft, 2010). Besides, Huxley challenged the notion that Jesus appealed to be the exceptional son of God by challenging the ancient precision of the New Testament scripts. Besides, he supposed that everywhere is heaven. C.S. Lewis, on the other hand, believed that God become man. He was also of the view that individuals should hate anything which is regarded as a sin but not hate the person sinning. Besides he was of the view that Christ is God and is the giver of all things in the world such as life and care.        Between Heaven and Hell Assignment


  I think heaven and hell exist. As a Christian, I firmly believe that those who lead a holy life go to heaven when they die. For instance, Jesus came from heaven to teach individuals the way to heaven. He promised everlasting life to all people who believe in Him. Jesus also taught that all unbelievers go to hell when they die. In reality, heaven and hell are everywhere, that is, when individuals are in a state of joy, that is their heaven, and when they are in distress, that is hell.Between Heaven and Hell Assignment

Blasphemy as an ethical issue can be drawn from the book. Blasphemy involves saying insolent things about a supreme being. It also involves humiliating spiritual notions (Kreeft, 2010). For instance, if Jesus claimed to be God and he was not, that would have been termed as an act of blasphemy. The questions that the issue on blasphemy raises include, can a Christian blaspheme against the Holy Spirit? And is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit the greatest sin?


Kreeft, P. (2010). Between Heaven and Hell. Between Heaven and Hell, 1-366.Between Heaven and Hell Assignment

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