Attitude To Beauty In Modern World Essay Paper

Attitude To Beauty In Modern World Essay Paper

Beauty is a word the is most frequently used when endeavoring to describe an object or a human being. Beauty can be visually perceived in many different forms but it has been very influential to many people. In other words, resplendency is seen in beauty often referred to one’s physical appearance influencing many people. Beauty dates back to the Ancient Greek. Beauty brings the connection of “beauty and sexuality”. Attitude To Beauty In Modern World Essay Paper

Ancient Greek paintings truly demonstrates how one can be classified as “beautiful” by their physical features. Society has come up with an ideal body image inspired by many models or women who have been inspired by others personal belief on beauty. Beauty is inspired by generation to generations. That is why Art history enables individuals to see how beauty standards have evolved throughout time and how it impacts society as a whole. Society views beauty as one’s attractiveness while forgetting the beauty inside of inner beauty. Beauty can be defined into many definitions depending on one’s perspective. The term beauty is a very controversial topic in society; which plays a big role in society for women who desire to have the same body image. The word beauty is generally based on women’s physical image, making people forget about the true beauty they can possess inside themselves. Attitude To Beauty In Modern World Essay Paper

Nobody really values internal magnificence despite the fact that it is seen everywhere throughout the world. Inner beauty goes beyonds one’s physical appearance making the individual sentiments sufficiently commendable to be heard. There are individuals battling regularly for equality rights. People around the world have the boldness to tell world what they strongly believe in. Each person has the privilege to state what they believe in because those who seek a brighter future care about equal rights for everyone. Numerous groundbreaking women are standing up for themselves, despite the fact the country they are living in is corrupt and occasionally dangerous to live in. Women activists are seeking justice for the individuals who have endured or are enduring difficult circumstances in the society they live in. The term enduring in context, implies the brutality women are facing by many corrupt people, or government. Feminist are seen throughout the world demonstrating their internal excellence by caring for others. Who might need to encourage other individuals if what they have experienced does not come close to what other individuals have gone through? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they see huge acts of kindness. Each individual’s actions differs how one is seen in society. Malala demonstrates her inner beauty by caring for women who are reluctant to speak about the fears they might have by making many women feel comfortable. Attitude To Beauty In Modern World Essay Paper

Comfortable in a way that there is a sense of unity and love for one another. Malala is a Nobel Peace Winner activist that encourages ‘women and girls to speak out against any discrimination, any violence that they see in their community, in their society’ (“Malala Yousafzai embraced feminism” 2018). Malala is trying to demonstrate young women to not feel afraid to speak up for themselves. Malala demonstrates internal resplendency because she not only survived death but she found this opportunity to tell people how we all have our own rights. She found her near-death experience as a realization that many people are abusing many rights citizens have. After Malala was shot in the head for wanting to go to school, she was astonished how the Taliban wanted to take students basic rights of education. If educational rights are being violated to young students, who knows how many more rights are being violated across the globe. Malala uses her internal excellence by telling people what they need to do because the violation of human rights is a global issue; but if more people come together as a union, change can happen. Malala has inspired many women to speak up for themselves regarding what other people think about them, that is what makes a women beautiful. Attitude To Beauty In Modern World Essay Paper


Women are able to express what they are going through if they know there is someone guiding them along the way. Knowing that someone has your back along with other followers makes women more powerful. Beauty does not have to be looked upon one’s physical feature. Inner beauty allows women to tell people ‘that all women and everyone around have equal rights as you and that you are also part of this movement for equality’ (“Malala Yousafzai embraced feminism” 2018). The problem seen in society is that women hold onto one mindset, “ What are people going to think about my body”. Beauty does not have to be based on how you look on the outside. Inner beauty is what matters the most because it is what creates change and a positive atmosphere. Inner beauty allows young women and women to be more open and supportive with one another creating a positive change towards all the conflicts seen around the globe. Another form of beauty is the talent that comes out from ones internal magnificence. Inner beauty is composed of many interesting things such as, personality, talent, and emotion.Attitude To Beauty In Modern World Essay Paper

However, at the end of the day, they are all similar because they are all composed of internal beauty. One can use the talent to inspire many people to keep on fighting for what they believe in. Getting your point across to people is difficult but with your talent, your message can spread across the globe inspiring others to create a change in the society. In society, many people interpret many conflicts differently. People often hear about global problems either on their phones or televisions. However, this is not always the case, many artist like writing their opinion on many issues or sometimes many artists like drawing comic cartoons to demonstrate the issue that is going on. The main point is that many people express how they feel by using their talent. All of this talent seen around the globe demonstrates the inner elegance one can posses by not being afraid to express how you feel. Sol Aramendi exemplifies superb beauty by gathering women together to not be scared to be living in the United States. Attitude To Beauty In Modern World Essay Paper

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