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Discussion 1

In this discussion, you will think about space exploration through the four lenses. what are some of the ways that the lenses relate to space exploration? Can you find other examples that have played a role in space exploration?


For your initial post, address the following:

  1. How has your view of space exploration changed or expanded after looking at it through the four lenses?
  2. Consider a recent significant breakthrough in space exploration. Discuss the breakthrough by analyzing it with the four lenses.

Discussion 2

In reviewing Rachael and Nisean posts, consider how you might apply the lens differently to explore the topic they discuss. For instance, if the post uses the social science lens to consider psychological factors, you might explore economic or sociological factors. Architecture and Design homework help

Rachel post


My view on space exploration has expanded further after reading the articles that have been provided. I was first interested when I was in high school because I took an Astrology elective, which was interesting. I can see that it can help us look to see if there is running water on other planets, or if plants can survive on certain planets climates. Space exploration has inspired many things such as entertainment, media, literature, just to name a few. It has also inspired people to go to space, or even help built space crafts. Or go even further, and solve problems that people think is impossible.

From what I remember is that one of the biggest breakthroughs was sending a Rover to Mars. Scientists wanted to stud the climate conditions, and see if there was any life on Mars. I thought it was interesting that they had sent Rovers on Mars, and thought it was very interesting that the Rover’s were built to survive such harsh weather conditions on Mars. You also have seen movies and t.v. shows about life on Mars, UFO’s, or aliens coming to Earth. I just feel like even if we did discover life on Mars, I think we should just leave them alone. I know about the whole “What is their advanced technology?” “What can we learn from them?” “Can we communicate with them?” Maybe they just want to be left alone, and live their life the way we humans do on Earth. It an interesting thought about life on other planets.


Nisean post


The biggest way my view on space exploration changed  after looking at through the four lenses is it open my eyes and mind to more then just discovering new planets and outer space life. It gave me knowledge on the treaty’s and laws we have with other nations while exploring space which I never knew. It always blew past my mind how important space  exploration is in big time movies like Star Trek and Star Wars and also how it’s used in the video games and virtual reality headsets.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in space exploration in the recent years would have to be exploring if there is or can be life on mars. With more people exploring and doing research on mars it make you sit back and wonder can humans actually live on another planet in this solar system? I think with these Curiosity’s we have as people we have to be able to except what ever comes with exploring mars. What would we do if there already a civilization on planet mars? Do we compromise  with them and make rules and laws, do we try and over power  them and conquer there land or do we go back to earth and respect there land.  Architecture and Design homework help


Tykeisha post

One type of employee/employer relationship is at will employment. With at will employment, an employee can be terminated at any time, for any reason, as long as it is not illegal or for no reason at all. However, an employee may also leave voluntarily at any time, for any reason. Under at will, the employer may also change the terms of employment, such as wages or benefits, without notice or consequences. Major exceptions of at will are public policy, implied contract, and implied covenant of good faith.

A principal-agency relationship is formed when the principal hires another, the agent, to act and make decisions on their behalf. In this type of relationship, duties and responsibilities are outlined in detail for each party involved.

In an at will relationship, I believe that this type of agreement favors both the employee and the employer. For neither are forced to remain in a work relationship that may not beneficial to the either the employer or the employee. Rather it is a lack of performance from the employee, or a disagreement in wages or benefits offered by the employer.

With principal-agency relationship. it is important for the employer, or the principal, to be able to trust the agent that is appointed on to represent the company and will act within the best interest of the company.

Demarcus post


The two I chose were Principal Agent Relationship and At Will Employment. In a Principal Agent Relationship one entity legally appoints another to act on its behalf and should not have a conflict of interest carrying out the act. A Example is a client hiring an lawyer to represent he/she. This relationship is lot of times is expressed through action or sometimes a written contract. in my opinion this benefits the employer and employee. The next one is At Will Employment in which means that either the employer or employee may end the employment relationship without giving any reason or notice. I think this benefits the employer more then the employee because if you are a A plus worker there should be some type of explanation to why someone would just fire you. Most people/employees don’t just quit there job without an explanation most of the time its for another job with higher pay depending on the situation. South Carolina is an At Will State in which is where i live and work. Most people from my area have been on the same job 20 plus years no one really quitting but that’s just my opinion is your state a At Will State. Architecture and Design homework help

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