Applied Sciences homework help

Program Planning

Based on your Vision, Mission Statement, Values, and needs assessment, develop a program in recreation. The first step in designing a program is developing program goals. Program goals are abstract, idealized statements of desired outcomes from the organized recreation service. They are a statement of purpose of, reason for, or intent of the program. Plan a program that you would like to implement (community, athletic, aquatics, senior, health/fitness, etc.). All information must be included in the program to receive full credit.


  1. What is the purpose of the program?
  2. Formulate Goals: Refer to desired outcome for emotional, cognitive, physical, and social.
  3. Program objectives: They are measurement points of goals. (See chapter 8)
  4. Program outline
    1. Program title
    2. Goals and objectives for the program (five each)
    3. Activities and events (explain in detail; time of day, season, month etc.)
    4. Marketing details (How will individuals know this is going on? How are you going to get the word out?) Applied Sciences homework help
    5. Pricing of the program (How does this impact budget? Is there a profit or break even?
    6. Budget for the program-estimated plan for keeping expenses in line with income.(See chapter 10 & 12)
      1. Line-item budget
      2. Specific amounts of money to staff, supplies, repair, and maintenance of equipment etc.
    7. Facilities needed and their setup (see chapter 10)
    8. How will program be monitored (see chapter 11 & 12)
    9. Materials and supplies required
    10. Safety and risk management procedures (see chapter 13)
    11. Staffing: the number and types of employees and volunteers needed (see chapter 11)
    12. Registration procedures
    13. Policies
    14. Cancellation strategies
    15. Program evaluation plan(see chapter 14 & 15 for evaluation steps)
      1. Program evaluation is a judgment about the worth and value of your programming efforts.
      2. The results determine how to improve the quality of program services as well as whether to continue or terminate them. Applied Sciences homework help
  • Formative Evaluation means that information about the program’s usefulness is collected as the program is implemented. (Example: end of each fitness class recommendations for changes are made.
  1. Summative Evaluation is conducted at the conclusion of a program. Survey is given to participants at the end of program. Applied Sciences homework help


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