Applied Sciences homework help

Debate Pro Vaccines Vs Anti Vaccine

Debate Schedule

  • One person needs to be responsible for recording the Zoom Debate
  • To create breakout rooms> there are 3 dots on the lower menu next to reactions.
    • Press the 3 dots and click create breakout rooms.
    • You can assign yourself to the breakout room or have the host put you in the breakout room
  • Have your sources and information in front of you- you will need it for the rebuttal.
  • Be taking notes of what your opponent said during the opening statement to prepare for your rebuttal. Applied Sciences homework help


  • Pro stance will go first with an opening statement (5 minutes per team)
    1. Each partner will have an opening statement
  • Anti-stance will go with their opening statement (5 minutes per team)
    1. Each partner will have an opening statement
  • Partners will then go to their breakout room (5 minutes per team)
    1. This is where you will plan your rebuttal.
    2. Each partner will come up with a rebuttal
    3. When done- meet back in the big zoom room
    4. When each group has returned Pro stance will go first
  • Pro stance will state their rebuttal (5 minutes per team)
    1. Each partner will have a rebuttal
  • Anti-stance will go (5 minutes per team)
  • Partners will be coming up with their closing statement while the other team is going
  • Once the last team has gone
    1. Pro stance gives closing statements (5 minutes – each partner must have one)
    2. Anti stance gives closing statement (5 minutes -each partner must go)
  • When finished, upload the video to the assignments tab. Applied Sciences homework help
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