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Family Genogram Assignment

HSL 2820 – Family Relationships

Family Genogram & Analysis


For this assignment you will create a genogram. The genogram will be a current genogram. After you have completed the genogram you will complete a 3-4 pages analysis discussing how the family processes have changed over three (3) generations. For this Genogram Assignment, you may use your own family or one of the following shows or the movie. Applied Sciences homework help


“Everybody Loves Raymond”

 “Full House”

 “Fuller House”


 “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”

“The Cosby Show”

“That’s so Raven”

“Suite Life of Zack and Cody”

“The Family Stone”

Or Pick any of your favorite Family movie of show


and then write 3–4 pages long paper covering


The genogram should include information for three (3) generations for both maternal and paternal sides (yourself, your parents and aunts and uncles and your grandparents or people from the show). You may include cousins or grandparents’ siblings if they are critical to understanding the family process.


Please include the following information for all individuals: 1) name or pseudonym, 2) age, 3) date of birth, 4) date of death if applicable and 5) occupation; 6) marriages/divorces/cohabitation; 7) proper shading of boxes to indicate any substance abuse and serious mental or physical problems. Remember to list the type of substance abuse or serious mental or physical problem underneath individual names.


Please include a cover page to help maintain confidentiality of your genogram and your write-up. See the APA template and resources on D2L. Please do not use poster boards for genogram. Limit the size of each genogram to an 11” x 17” piece of paper or smaller. Genograms larger than the indicated size will be lose 50% of available points. You may use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to create your genogram chart. All assignments must be submitted in .doc, .docx, or .ppt format. Applied Sciences homework help


The analysis is a report of your/their family’s history or a story about your/their family throughout time and how they got to where they are now. It is not used to track only mental illness, substance abuse, and divorce. Positive and negative family traits can be passed through family generations and this analysis can highlight many traits, not just what the example shows. The analysis is meant to examine concepts from class. For example: gender roles, communication styles/types, parenting practices/styles, etc. and apply them to your own family setting. Choose concepts from the course that are interesting to you and trace them throughout the different generations of your family. Remember to note how they have changed or stayed the same and how they are apparent in your own life today. Make distinct and direct connections between your family processes and course content (textbook/lectures).


You will need to submit your completed Genogram and Analysis to the D2L dropbox as stated on the course schedule.

 This assignment will be graded on the following criteria:


HSL 2820 Genogram Rubric
Analysis Paper
Points Possible Points Earned
Student demonstrates ability to think critically about, and shows an understanding of how family processes over time are connected to course concepts and theories of family life. Makes direct references to course concepts (textbook/lectures) 35
Paper flows well, has an introduction and body with limited grammatical mistakes. The paper has 12-font size, is within page limitations (3-4 pages) and has a cover page and a citation page.  Applied Sciences homework help 15
Write-up Total                   50
Genogram is neatly completed with 3 generations depicted 10
Significant relationship symbols, labels and other symbols (marital status, profession, education level, religion, ethnicity, mental health, military service, criminal record, physical health, achievements/awards, substance use) are present 15
Genogram Total                                25
Genogram not within size limit (no bigger than 11”x17”) -50%
Write-up not 3-4 pages -50%
Total Points 75



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