Applied Sciences homework help

HHP 4600 Law and Public Health

Module 5 PowerPoint Questions for Health Care Reform, Medicaid and Medicare

  1. Why do some believe health care reform is still needed in the U.S.? Why do you think reform is or is not needed?
  1. President Trump said, “Who knew healthcare could be so complicated?” Explain whether you think reforming the healthcare system is complicated or not.
  1. Explain how the core belief that health care is a market commodity rather than a public good or human right makes a difference in efforts to create good law and policy in healthcare.
  1. Why did President Obama succeed with the ACA of 2010 where no other major legislation in healthcare has happened since 1965? Applied Sciences homework help


  1. Describe three provisions in the ACA as passed in 2010.

Module 5

Teitelbaum and Wilensky Chapters 10 and 11 Health Reform, Medicaid, Medicare

Chapter 10 Healthcare Reform

  1. Discuss how each of these factors has influenced attempts to reform healthcare in the U.S.
    1. Culture
    2. Political system
    3. Interest groups
  1. Why were President Obama’s efforts to reform healthcare successful?

Chapter 11 Medicaid, Medicare

  1. Differentiate entitlement versus block grant funding. What is the disadvantage to block grant funding?
  1. Who are the target beneficiaries of Medicaid?
  1. Who are the target beneficiaries of Medicare?
  2. Is Medicare or Medicaid administered by the states and jointly funded by the federal and state governments?
  1. Is Medicare or Medicaid administered and funded by the federal government?


  1. Why do you think some states still not expand Medicaid even when the federal government offered to pay 100% of the cost for the states? Applied Sciences homework help
  1. What is a Medicaid Waiver?



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