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Field Activity Overview-2




Moazzami, Z., Dehdari, T., Taghdisi, M.H.,& Soltanian, A. (2016). Effect of ergonomics-based educational intervention based on transtheoretical model in adopting correct body posture among operating room nurses.


Be able answer the following questions, but you DO NOT HAVE TO TURN THEM IN.

  1. What factors contributed to the need for the intervention?
  2. What was addressed during each intervention session (1-4)  and what process did it address that helped move the nurses from contemplation to action?
  3. What effect did the intervention have in moving the nurses from the contemplation/preparation stages pre-intervention to action 1 month post intervention? Applied Sciences homework help

Download these directions and the rubric here Download here

COHE  330 Audio PSA Using the Health Belief Model Assignment

A Public Service Announcement (PSA) is an educational AND behavior message designed to focus public attention on serious issues. Health educators use PSAs for a variety of health topics, to reach wide audiences, over large geographical areas. While you can use most any behavior change theory or model, you will apply the Health Belief Model to your PSA. The premise of this activity is to create a 30 second video Public Service Announcement that addresses the health topic for your final project. USE THE RUBRIC TO GUIDE YOU!!

Step One:         Begin by researching your topic using the local resources, textbook and the Internet to  information. (Students should use credible websites like the CDC, SAMSHA, etc.)  For example, if your topic is preventing dog bites, you would look up ways to avoid dog bites, how many children get bit in the state and the nation each year, how to report a dog bite, your rights if you were to get bit, immediate treatment of a bite…


Step Two:        Choose one of the following audiences that you will reach with your PSA: children, adult men, adult women, teens, college students, or the elderly. Write the KEY issue/goal/behavior that your PSA will increase or decrease among your audience by completing the sentence:


My PSA will  help to _______________     ________________ among _________________.

(increase or decrease)     (your topic)                         (your audience)


For example: My PSA will help to DECREASE DOG BITES  among CHILDREN. (even though my audience is children, my PSA will target parents. This may not be the case for your PSA, just make it match.


Step Three:      Write down 4-5 of the most important pieces of information your audience needs to know… Hint: look back at step one.


Step Four:       Write out a short script (5-6 statements) for your PSA, remember the PSA is only 30 seconds long. Make it engaging and creative.


Step Five:        Look back at your script and tweak one part so that it reflects PERCEIVED SEVERITY.

For example, “it could be  bad when a child gets bit by a dog.” To increase parents’ perception of the SEVERITY, or how bad it would be if their child had a dog bite, change it to, “If your child is bit by a dog, they could lose their fingers, a limb, or even worse…”


Step Six:          Look back at your script and tweak another part so that it reflects PERCEIVED SUSCEPTIBILITY. For example, “Three hundred North Carolina children suffered dog bites last year.” To increase parents’ perception of SUSEPTIBILITY, or the chance that their child could get bit by a dog change it to “of the three hundred North Carolina children that suffered dog bite in 2021, half occurred in Fayetteville, and 90% of those children were bitten by the family’s dog.” Applied Sciences homework help


Step Seven:      Refine your script and practice saying it with feeling and energy. Feel free to add sound effects or music as long as it doesn’t overpower the voices. I need to be able to hear each work clearly. Record your PSA using your phone, you can make a video and cover the camera so there is only a voice.


Step Eight:      Once you are satisfied with your recording, upload it to CANVAS. Next, upload a brief overview of the PSA and your sources along with your sources. The overview should be 1 page, double-spaced, and include  your topic, the target audience, the lines that reflect perceived severity and the ones that reflect perceived susceptibility and a description of why you choose those lines in the context of your PSA. Applied Sciences homework help




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