Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Annotated Bibliography Assignment.

Each student will develop and submit an annotated bibliography of the sources they intend to cite

in the research paper assignment. This assignment allows the learner to illustrate how each

source informs the research question/topic and demonstrate proper use of current APA.


Assignment Topic: Business Privacy information and ethics. Why Privacy, trust, and security are important aspects of a business relationship. Discussing sale of data, end to end encryption, right to privacy, and implementation techniques that a company could use to help secure customer information.



ï‚· You should cite 8-10 peer reviewed sources

ï‚· Each source will appear in current APA format as it will appear in the research


ï‚· Each source will include a 100-word narrative documenting how the source is

relevant to the research paper topic. 

ï‚· All material should be presented in APA format, including but not limited to the

title page.

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

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