Anatomy homework help

Presentation Fact Sheet Example

A specific body system will be assigned to you and you will present at the START of class on that topic’s day (see syllabus calendar for date details).

There are 2 PARTS to this assignment:


o A diagram/picture of the organ/ system and its location in the body.

o Its purpose

o A description of the organ/system, how it works

o Any hormones that it secretes, regulates, metabolizes and the function of each hormone

o List and describe 3 medications used to treat 3 conditions (one for each condition) related to that system (1 med for each condition)One of them can be the one used in the presentation. Anatomy homework help

§ Include references in APA format

o Fact sheets MUST be of good quality: look finished, clear, and professional

o Fact Sheet Notebook (3 Ring Binder)

· All presentation fact sheets


· Vocabulary/terminology/Pathologies/Medications throughout the course factsheets and vocabulary throughout the program.

· For this term, you will have all the factsheets under one (1) tab labeled “Body Systems”

§ You will set up labeled tabs as follows:

· Principles

· Body Systems

· Modalities

· Neuro

· Body Regions

· Shoulder

· Elbow, Wrist/Hand

· Spine/Trunk/Neck/TMJ

· Hip/Pelvis

· Knee

· Ankle/Foot

· Special Pops

· Other

§ It MUST look professional

§ Your name must be visible on the outside of your notebook

§ All factsheets from THIS class will go in the “Body Systems” tab.

§ Grade will be based on completeness, organization of the fact sheet. and the binder will be graded as part of your Presentation Content grade

Part 2: PRESENATION: A presentation of the elements of the Fact Sheet

o A creative way to demonstrate your assigned body system.

o Presentation time limit: 20 minutes . Anatomy homework help

Example attachment at the bottom


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