analyze current practice to formulate researchable problems

analyze current practice to formulate researchable problems. Instruction: Please write two pages reflecting on the outcomes on the research project class that we just completed. The outcome of the class are at the bottom and numbered and your writing need to answer how you have achieved these 5 outcomes. References need to be less than 5 years old.
For this discussion, you are asked to review your learning outcomes for this course and discuss how you met these outcomes. The intention here is to provide you an opportunity to “reflect” on the learning achieved during this term and how you successfully met these learning outcomes.
Here are the learning outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
1- Critically analyze current practice to formulate researchable problems.
2- Evaluate research as the basis for decision-making to improve outcomes through translation into evidence-based practice.
3- Synthesize an understanding of the research process through development of a proposal to address a nursing problem or focus area identified in nursing practice.
4- Investigate ethical issues related to the conduct of scientific research, including informed consent, data management, data analysis, and protection of human subjects.
5- Explore national and international initiatives and research priorities.

analyze current practice to formulate researchable problems

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