American history homework help

Some historians define what we have come to think of as “the sixties” as beginning in 1957 with the launch of the Soviet Union satellite Sputnik and ending in 1974 with the resignation of President Nixon.

Many remember ’the sixties’ as an era of free artistic, political, and individual expression, but it was also disruptive and violent. The subsequent rise of conservatism can be seen as a natural reaction to a society that appeared out of control.


By Day 3

Post at least two paragraphs in which you respond to the following:

  • Select one leader of the conservative movement discussed in the resources for this week.
  • Describe the leader’s goals. Be specific.
  • Describe which area of civil disruption the leader wanted to change. Be specific.
  • Explain whether or not you think this leader was successful and why. American history homework help

Read a selection of your classmates’ postings.

By Day 5

Respond to two or more of your colleagues’ postings as follows:

  • Create an opposing argument to a classmate’s post. If your classmate has argued that their chosen leader was successful at achieving their goals, create an argument taking the opposite position. Focus on the issues.
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