Agriculture Development Sample Essay

Agriculture Development Sample Essay

Earlier on, people lived from hunting and gathering which would later change as they began crop cultivation and herding animals which had its impacts. Development of agriculture led to a shift from nomadic life to a sedentary life. This simply means people ceased from moving from one area to another in search of food and permanently settled in one place as they were able to produce enough food for themselves hence construction of permanent shelters which later led to development of villages and even cities. Ability to undertake farming meant production of surplus food leading to an increase in population due to the availability of enough food to sustain the growing population (Antrosio 815). The growing population contributed to division of labor as some of the people took part in craftsmanship and other activities. Agriculture Development Sample Essay


            Agriculture also negatively impacted on the environment. Due to the land preparation through slash and burn techniques there was destruction of the natural habitat and especially in larger societies. Wild animals would be forced to move while some died and destruction of crops would lead to soil erosion. Smoke produced during the burning process had a negative impact on the ozone layer.

The growing population necessitated creation of social infrastructures politically, socially and religiously creating social classes. These classes consisted of people with specific roles such as administrators, investors and farmers. To facilitate cooperation and organization of the various classes’ leaders were vital which led to creation of yet another social class. Leadership in politics later adopted various forms through creation of powerful states through centralized systems of governance. Agriculture Development Sample Essay


            The environment would completely be different if agriculture was never developed. Most of the earth’s surface components that have been displaced to a great extent such as trees, minerals and water bodies would still be intact as a result of minimal destruction. Additionally, human population would be considerably low hence sparsely populated due to controlled births and hunting and gathering would still be extensive as the main economic activity.

In conclusion, living in a world without developed agriculture would be pretty cool. This is simply because the natural environment would still be intact without mass destruction of the natural habitats due to the low population and limited industrial growth.

Works Cited

Antrosio, Jason. “American Anthropologist.” American Anthropological Association (2016): 715-995.

Agriculture Development Sample Essay

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