African Literature

African Literature.

Compare and/or contrast the topic of slavery and cultural ideals as expressed by Walter Rodney’s How Europe Underdeveloped Africa and Olaudah Equiano’s  Narrative, with Ayi Kwei Armah’s critique on the topic in The Healers.  What do you perceive as Armah’s main intent in  The Healers?  How do these texts compare and/or contrast to ideals previously critiqued in The Husia, Sundiata, and/or traditional folklore?  Agree or disagree with a previously written critique of The Healers that you quote from in making your analysis. (7 paragraphs/5 page maximum/provide MLA quotes and documentation from Armah, Rodney, Equiano, and a minimum of one quote from either The Husia, Sundiata, or one from the traditional folklore /minimum five [5] quoted sources/texts altogether required). 

(Use Times New Roman or Arial font styles and 12 point font size) – Olaudah Equiano’s  Narrative

Sundiata – 

The Healers – 

(Need to make an account for free, and borrow the books for an hour at a time, can just return and borrow again for all the time needed for free)

Included Husia for quotations

Included Walter Rodney’s Book and a quote to help with the essay topic

Hope all this helps, Thank you for taking this on.

African Literature

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