African Americans and Hispanics Research Paper

African Americans and Hispanics Research Paper

The minority groups in the United States still face a lot challenges that are yet to be solved. African Americans and Hispanics are the most affected minority groups when it comes to inequality and discrimination (Free, 2003).African Americans and Hispanics Research Paper

The African American community still encounters racial and economic discrimination within the American society. The past governments have not been keen on addressing the issues of minorities and this is the reason why African Americans and Hispanics feel neglected. Racial injustice is very prevalent in the United States and this is a major concern for minority groups such as African Americans and Hispanics (Free, 2003).

All the challenges facing African Americans and Hispanics have been there for a very long time and the authorities do not seem to care the plight of these groups. African Americans have been fighting for their right to be treated equally like other citizens but things are yet to change (Harris, 2007). This paper will highlight some of the challenges that African Americans and Hispanics in the United States face.

African Americans are normally discriminated when it comes to employment opportunities (Free, 2003). The United States government has often come up with policies that favor Whites. The majority of the policies do not promote equal distribution of employment opportunities.

The U.S government does very little in controlling crime in the Northern cities which are dominated by African Americans. African Americans live in very unsafe neigbourshoods that pose a threat to their security (Free, 2003).


Crime control in cities and neighborhoods dominated by Blacks is not a priority for the local authorities. Most of the industries in Northern cities have been closed down leading to the loss of industrial jobs for African Americans (Harris, 2007). This has been the trend for the last 40 years and there are no signs of change.

Many young and talented Blacks have not been able to advance academically due to institutional barriers (Free, 2003). African Americans spend a lot of resources in trying to fight for affirmative action in the education sector.African Americans and Hispanics Research Paper

Black anti-intellectualism is a very false notion that has been created among the Whites. It is very difficult for African Americans to be admitted in some of the elite universities in the United States. There are some institutions that do not admit African Americans (Harris, 2007). The value of African Americans has been reduced by welfare programs.

The majority of welfare programs are designed for single mothers and children and this contributes significantly in the breakdown of many black families (Harris, 2007). These types of welfare programs reduce the value of a husband because black children and women end up depending on the government for most of their needs. Politicians and policymakers still insist on welfare programs without considering the effect it has on black families (Free, 2003).

The rate at which African Americans are incarcerated in the United States is very alarming (Harris, 2007). The jail terms that are normally imposed on African Americans are long compared to Whites. The U.S government targets neighborhoods dominated by African Americans in its fight against drugs.

African Americans have been loyal supporters of the Democratic Party but the party does not do enough to improve their welfare (Free, 2003). African Americans face a lot of discrimination when it comes to licensing requirements. African Americans can not access entrepreneurial opportunities because of the many barriers that are meant to protect union jobs.

Many companies prefer to invest in capital equipment instead of hiring African Americans because of the high minimum wage (Harris, 2007). Many African Americans are unemployed because of non-inclusive labor policies. The U.S government is very reluctant in addressing the issue of unemployment among African Americans and other minority groups (Free, 2003).

The challenges faced by minority groups in the U.S are very similar except for small differences (Urias, 2012). African Americans and Hispanics are the largest minority groups in the U.S whose challenges are alike. Despite the similarities, Hispanics have some unique challenges compared to African Americans.African Americans and Hispanics Research Paper

Hispanics face a lot of discrimination when it comes to language (Chavez, 2011). The majority of Hispanics can not communicate in English and this makes it difficult for them to get employed. Hispanics find it difficult to access public services because they can not communicate in English (Chavez, 2011).

The Hispanic children can not attend school because the only language used to teach is English. Hispanic children have to first of all learn English before being admitted in American schools. Most Hispanics have fewer years of schooling and this makes it difficult for them to access employment opportunities (Urias, 2012). African Americans have no language problems and therefore have less challenges compared to Hispanics.

In conclusion, the challenges faced by minority groups in the United Sates are almost similar. African Americans and Hispanics face similar challenges such as racism, unemployment, entrepreneurial barriers and poor healthcare (Chavez, 2011). African Americans and Hispanics have always been ignored by the U.S government when it comes to policy making.African Americans and Hispanics Research Paper

Most Hispanics and African Americans do not have a health insurance and always receive poor treatment in healthcare facilities (Urias, 2012). Access to higher education is challenge for the two groups. The situation is worse for the Hispanics because of language problems. The challenges facing African Americans and Hispanics are more similar that than they are different.


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