Affordable Healthcare Act Sample Essay

Affordable Healthcare Act Sample Essay

Affordable Healthcare Act was signed by President Obama in 2010 and aimed at ensuring that more people acquired more health insurance treatment in the country. Additionally, it aimed at improving the quality of healthcare and health insurance in regulation of the health insurance industry and decrease the rate of healthcare expenditure in the country.

According to this act, insurance companies could not raise payments for children because of pre-existing condition that advanced before their folks applied for the cover. Additionally, adults who were not protected because of pre-existing ailments and who lacked cover for the previous six months or so would now be covered (Kaiser, 2017). In a nutshell, the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan aimed at adults who could not be covered because of pre-existing condition such as cancer. The act also aimed at helping small companies to get health cover for their workers by getting help in funding the cost of providing health cover through the introduced tax credits. Affordable Healthcare Act Sample Essay


2003 Medicare Modernization Act by President Bush formed a general prerogative of mysterious rate of drug cover inside Medicare. Validating this act meant that depiction of Health Savings Accounts was safe which aimed at improving and converting the country’s health insurance markets. Additionally, signing of the healthcare tax credit for specific banished workers promoted higher elasticity for states to increase treatment in advanced means by Medicaid promoting community based health centers for low income earners.

President Trump’s government has taken action to amend the Affordable Care Act in an attempt to make laws that would allow small enterprises to collectively buy health insurances through association health plans, increase short-term health treatment and expand the use of Health Reimbursement Arrangements. Another agenda is to fully repeal ACA inclusive of Medicaid development and means-tested duty recognitions for cover in the fitness assurance markets.  The bazaar improvements in the personal markets were eradicated inclusive of public assessment and segregating guarantors from denying covers to persons with former disorders.

Affordable Care Act which has been addressed by the last three US presidents has had significant progress in areas such as accessibility, affordability and quality care.  Since the introduction of this act, the number of uninsured American citizens has decreased significantly. In the area of accessing care, the elderly have also had a chance of getting care due to its affordability hence reducing poor health. Additionally, the process of transforming healthcare payments have been improved significantly enabling more people to easily secure health covers. Affordable Healthcare Act Sample Essay


            The ACA has changed systems used in healthcare significantly. Rates paid to institutions providing Medicare services were aligned at the same time the actual costs of providing care were revised. Various policies detecting and preventing care fraud were introduced minimizing loss of millions of dollars in the healthcare system. The healthcare cost has dropped significantly. For instance, it is estimated that Medicare will spend about 160 US dollars less in 2019 compared to other years  (Aron-Dine, 2019).

In conclusion influencing public opinion will enable one to communicate a health issue to a policy maker. Issues are transformed into a homegrown agenda when they affect a certain level of public awareness and the public begins to measure them worthy of consideration. When the community starts emphasizing on them and they reach the local media portraying a sense of importance and agency a point is driven.  This triggers the politicians and policy makers to look for the person who influenced the whole thing to talk more about it and give insight. Through this, an importance issue is presented to a policy maker for inclusion on an agenda.


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Kaiser, H. J. (2017). Summary of the Affordable Care Act. Kaiser Family Foundation, 1-6.

Affordable Healthcare Act Sample Essay

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