Activity 1: Ethical Theories (100 points)

MR651 Business and Human Resources Management

Lesson 1: Foundations

Activity 1: Ethical Theories (100 points)
Your Activity responses should be both grammatically and mechanically correct, and formatted
in the same fashion as the Activity itself. If there is a Part A, your response should identify a
Part A, etc. In addition, you must appropriately cite all resources used in your response and
document in a bibliography using APA style. (A 4-page response is required for the combination
of Parts A and B).

Part A Utilitarianism and Kantian ethics

1. Compare and contrast the ethical theories of Utilitarianism and Kantian ethics.
Address fifteen (15) issues in your discussion.
2. In your opinion, which ethical theory has more merit for HR decisions? Defend
your choice by stating two (2) reasons for your opinion.

Part B Principle-based, virtue, and morality theories

Principle-based, virtue, and morality theories have all impacted ethical decision making in the
past decade. Respond to each of the following questions referring to these theories.
1. Compare and contrast each of the three (3) theories.
2. What influences do you see each of these three (3) theories having on HR ethics?
3. Which one (1) of these theories do you think will be most important to HRM in the
next five years? Defend your answer with at least one (1) reason and one (1)

Grading Rubric
Please refer to the rubric on the following page for the grading criteria for this assignment.

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