Accounting homework help

EC 203- Micro Economics

Dr. Loris Crawford

Research Project

As the course syllabus indicates, you are required to produce a research paper. You will be required to work in a three- person team to:

1. Select a Fortune 500 company to research and post the name of that company to the discussion board. This should be done by the end of week 2. Before you select a company, check to make sure no one has already selected that company; only one student is allowed to choose a particular company. Accounting homework help


2. Conduct research and present your findings in Week 12

Instructions for Research Project

Select a fortune 500 company. Conduct a three-year analysis of its operations. Your report should include (but not limited to) a discussion of:

· Company’s product lines and market segments

· Three- year financial performance

· Key challenges facing the firm

· Competitive environment in which the company operates and its major competitors

· Your research findings will be presented in class. Prepare a minimum of 12 PowerPoint slides to use when presenting your project.

You may use any reputable source(s) for your research. However, a good site to use for research is: . Accounting homework help

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