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ACCT 412 Analytics Assignment

Learning Objectives:
1. Familiarize students with the concept of analysis.
2. Expose students to individual capacity to learn and/or acquire analytical skills.
3. Allow students introspection on analytical abilities.
4. Improve the student’s written communication skills.
Assignment: Select an article that discusses analytical skill of accounting students. Write a one paragraph synopsis of the article. In a second paragraph, provide your opinion on if analytical abilities can be learned or are innate. Be certain to state an opinion. Paper submission: LastnameANALYSIS.docx (e.g. Rankin ANALYSIS.docx) Accounting homework help
a. Paper length- 1 page excluding references
b. Additional page(s) for reference in APA format. Refer to paper guidelines and APA Publication Manual for guidance.
c. PDF of article.



  1. Paper should be written in third person unless specifically stated in the assignment. In other words we or I should not be used unless the paper requires an opinion.
  2. Use of direct quotes is prohibited.
  3. Paper should be written in active voice. For example:  John did the painting.  (active voice- correct)  The painting was done by John.  (passive voice- incorrect)
  4. APA formatting should be used for all references. In a reference list you should indent the second line and all references should be single spaced.
  5. Follow APA formatting for numbers. Words should be used to refer to any numbers ten and below and numbers for anything above ten.
  6. Headers should be bold, centered and not underlined.
  7. Be careful of capitalization issues. Follow the appropriate grammar for capitalization.
  8. Do not add Texas after Dallas, Fort Worth, Tyler or any city that it is obviously in Texas.
  9. Only scholarly references. Wikipedia, a dictionary, Investopedia or textbooks should not be used for references.  The university library should be used to identify scholarly publications.  All references should be in alphabetical order.
  10. Only the year should be used in the references in APA format. Be certain that the font of your reference page conforms to requirements.
  11. Anything reference included in your reference page, needs to be included in as an in text citation in your paper.
  12. Do not put the name of the journal in your paper. Accounting homework help
  13. Your Turnitin® score (percent) should be no greater than 25 percent.
  14. When doing an abbreviation, you start with the expression spelled out and then abbreviate after that. For example, Texas A&M University- Commerce (TAMUC).  Each successive time you should use TAMUC.
  15. Do not use colloquialisms such as “Bless his heart.” “Climbing the ladder.” “Boiled down.” “All in all.” “Right off the bat.” “Working your way up the ladder.” “Fresh out of college.”  “Had my eye on the ball.” “Meets the mark.” “As it stands.”  “Foot in the door.”  We all know what this means, but it should not be included in scholarly writing.
  16. Prohibited words and phrases: look, like, view, see, saw, viewing, looking at, that being said, as previously stated, on the other hand, speaking, believe or not, walk away, telling, first of all, in other words, when all is said and done, finally, first, second, third.
  17. Good words: analysis, analyzing, evaluating


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