Reflection Paper 2

 750 words APA format, due tonight 1/27/2019 @ 2100 EST


Ferrin, K. (2003). Falling in love with god’s word: Discovering what god always intended bible study to be. Kirkland, WA: That You May Know Ministries. ISBN: 9780974002309.

Reflection Paper 2

Falling In Love With God’s Word

In this reflection paper, you will summarize Ferrin’s process of inductive Bible study.  In addition, you can comment on any of the following:  inductive methods you have tried and were successful with as well as additional methods recommended by Ferrin;  Ferrin’s “building a house” analogy as a way to understand the Bible study process; identify some strengths and weaknesses of Ferrin’s four step approach;  discuss how a group of individuals using this approach could have an effective Bible study when they discuss a passage according to this process; compare Ferrin’s approach to any current methods you are using to study the Bible; if you are involved in a group Bible study, compare the format you use with what is being recommended here; identify how the inductive method could be used for the betterment of the group goals; reflect on Dr. Kramer’s additional inductive process steps; discuss why it is important to be action-oriented after understanding what the Scripture says; compare Ferrin’s inductive process with other inductive processes (e.g., Oletta Wald’s The Joy of Discovery, Robert Trainia’s Methodical Bible Study, Josh McDowell’s Guide to Studying your Bible, Dave Veerman’s How to Apply the Bible).  Please limit yourself to three pages for this interaction paper.  

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